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An example of customized software in the healthcare sector will be an Appointment Management System that enables clinics or hospitals to track patient appointments. Perform a company background check on social media and customer review portals. Built only by its development community as a view-oriented framework that offers React’s and Angular’s custom software development best features. Architecture, infrastructure, and functional modernization that prepare your product to face current market challenges and take advantage of latest technologies. After 3 years of our refactoring, the company could enter new markets at a record pace. 22+ of our employees scaled the product and made it attractive to investors.

Testing and quality assurance are performed at every single stage. Off-the-shelf software offers a great range of functionalities, but you should remember that all those come directly from the vendor. With unique features developed especially for your business operations, you get full ownership. Each service we offer is provided by certified developers, test engineers, and business analysts. When a company has a specific software need that cannot be addressed with COTS, it commissions custom developers to create software that addresses their requirements—a unique solution for their business. Our technology stack has hundreds of emerging tools and technologies to power up your product and reduce development time and effort.

Care Team Coordination Web Application for 120+ Caregivers

It may also enhance the movement of goods and the supply of goods to customers. To ensure we exceed our commitments, we have established a software company that houses the most acclaimed engineers, development specialists, and business strategists. Are you using this software just from a PC, or does it need to be accessible from tablets, smartphones etc.? Again, this is achievable and shows a high-quality product that your team will thank you for through its ease of use and user-friendly design.

The products run on Chromebooks, and the team added features that enable them to measure a driver’s ability to avoid a crash. Exist on the market for at least 5 years and have a vast experience in software development proven by a strong and legit portfolio. Focusing on business success of a product means much more than understanding vision and requirements. It means helping to choose direction and features that will bring the best business results and then organizing the whole project around that. On a daily basis, it means prioritizing development of new features from the most profitable ones.

Technology Independent

Start advancing in the modern digital transformation environment by evaluating opportunities and applying the right technology alongside custom software engineering services with your end goal in mind. Intellectsoft operates in multiple offices and development centers across the globe. Reach out to us for software development services in your region.

  • Custom software development service providers offer industry-specific expertise in financial services, healthcare, education, real estate, or gaming.
  • A strong client-vendor relationship works if it is built on trust and respect.
  • At Appinventiv, our team understands the same and works towards all the planned goals with utmost diligence and flexibility.
  • Database, word processors, desktop publishing packages, spreadsheets, and graphics packages are all examples of general-purpose software.
  • A trial implementation can be conducted for a limited number of users and with technical support.

Companies’ portfolios will showcase their past work and will give you an insight into their experience in your industry as well as what results you can expect from them. Before you start researching prospective partners, understand what your objectives are first. However, as you’ll no doubt learn, certain workflows are infinitely more efficient when automated. And, on the other hand, COTS solutions vendors have very limited liability. Hidden Risks to Cyberspace Security from Obsolete COTS Software shows that the number of reported vulnerabilities of commercial off-the-shelf solutions is on the rise, and in 2017 they amounted to 14,714.

Advanced tech for industry-specific solutions

Leverage the power of digital solutions to provide more effective treatments and care. Check out the potential of digital transformation in the hospitality industry as well as ways Intellectsoft takes guest experience to the next level. Leverage our ten-year expertise to create a solid software foundation for your business.

custom software development company

DevOps take care of security planning, disaster recovery, backup. The code is checked through reviews, cross reviews, and special tools like SonarQube. Pre-defined types of manual or automated testing are used to ensure the highest quality. We also continuously check how well business requirements are aligned with the system.

You Own The Source Code

We listen to your ideas and understand your requirements to build custom software that meets your unique needs on time and within budget. Reap the benefits of cloud computing by hosting a development environment in the cloud. This is because in 1 month we organize the team, 1-2 months are product and design workshops, and another 2-4 months are product development and testing.

custom software development company

They can start by identifying the business processes that would benefit from AI, collecting and cleaning data, and selecting the appropriate machine learning algorithms to analyze that data. It is also important to monitor and test the AI systems to ensure they are functioning properly and not causing unintended consequences. Having developed hundreds of successful custom IT solutions, we address the business needs of our customers across any industry. Our expertise includes banking apps, SCADA systems, healthcare solutions, logistics apps, business intelligence, risk management, high-end embedded software, and much more.

Mobile app development services

It is versatile and used to create web user interfaces that are truly native and visually rich. There are a few key points to take into account while evaluating which software development company has the credibility and expertise to deliver the best product for him. In every step of Product Design process we use user-friendly solutions to make your software development process efficient. Geniusee’s skills in EdTech development services are now prooved by top-notch cloud services company AWS. The launched website’s conversion rate met expectations, thanks to Geniusee’s user-friendly design and timely delivery. The team provided transparent project management and clear communication, which helped keep the project on track.

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